Porsche Technical Experts


Without a doubt the Bosch CIS equipped car that is the most challenging to tune and repair is Porsche.  The engine of an Air-cooled Porsche is carefully tuned and it’s complicated.  The engine compartment of a 911 is not a place for a novice.   Sure there are a lot of parts in a CIS-equipped Mercedes 450SL, but that engine is a big, lightly tuned, slow revving brute which makes about half the power of a turbocharged 911 which has about half of the displacement of the Mercedes.

Porsche lists more than 3 times as many Warmup Regulator part numbers of any other manufacturer.  And that’s not just because of the profusion of 911 models.  It’s because Porsche made a lot of very different CIS cars; from 912s to 964s, 924s to 928s.

We get a lot of requests for Warmup Regulators for CIS-equipped Porsches.  No surprise, a 40 year old car will get a tremendous boost in performance and reliability once the fuel injection is brought back from the usual state of the walking un-dead that characterizes many of these older cars.

If you have an older Porsche then you’re going to need the help of an expert.  I don’t mean your repair shop.  Yeah you need one of those too.  What I mean is the guy you call before you spend a lot of money, the same guy who you call when things go off track and you’ve already spent a lot of money.  The guy you’re looking for has spent more than 3 decades working as a factory-trained technician.  The guy you’re looking for is also a gifted machinist who started making parts, using very big and expensive machines, when the Porsche aftermarket suppliers let quality slip.  The guy you’re looking for is so valuable that an organization sprang up around him.  This is who you’re looking for.

If you need a Warmup Regulator, or anything else for your Porsche, please give PartsKlassik a call .  We know CIS but they know Porsches.


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