Service Manuals

That’s me with my head under a customer’s car at a Mercedes Benz Club of America meeting.  I was chasing down a vacuum leak, armed with the proper documentation to solve the problem:

Under hood

Working on a Benz of any vintage requires a service manual.  And if you have a vintage Benz you’re in luck, because lots of service manuals have been published free on the web by Mercedes.  This is one of the reasons why Mercedes is the leader in keeping their cars on the road.  Try getting service information free from any other car maker.  That’s why my last new car was a Benz, and the next one (if I ever do that again) will be a Benz.  It makes a difference that a car maker makes a commitment to their enthusiasts and customers.  Here’s the list of free factory service manuals as of the date of this post:

r107 Chassis = 450SL/SLC 380SL/SLC 560SL

w116 Chassis = 280S/SE 300SD 450SE/SEL

w123 Chassis = 230 240D 280E/CE 300C/CD/TD

w124 Chassis = 260E 300 E2.6/E2.8 300E/E320/TE 400E/E420 500E/E500 300D2.5 E300D/DT/DTD 300CE

w126 Chassis = 300SD/SDL 300SE/SEL 350SD/SDL 380SE/SEL/SEC 420SEL 500SEL/SEC 560SEL/SEC

w201 Chassis = 190E/D




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