Torture Test for CIS Injection

If you’ve worked with Bosch CIS (Continuous Injection System) you know that the Warmup Regulator (WUR) is a key control element that controls the fuel delivery all through the engine operating cycle, not just during warmup. The UTCIS is a fully programmable electronic replacement for the mechanical original WUR.

We work with a lot of race car owners, tuning shops, and equipment vendors. Rarely we will find all three of these in one organization. Recently we were contacted by a team of experts who specialize in Audi cars and as a test they wanted to try the UTCIS in their rally cars. The photo is their Quattro using a UTCIS taken at an event in Saalfelden Austria. More details or info from the Audi experts can be found at

Saalfelden 2016

Racing is a torture test. The heat, vibration, and extreme operating conditions of a race car is a good way to accelerate wear and break things. The UTCIS has been through several design variations before we settled on the current version about a year ago. The last piece of the design to fall into place was a particular aspect of durability.

The photo shows the red glossy high-temperature silicone that we use to embed the electronics into the body of the WUR. Previous versions used a separate controller box which was joined to the WUR body through an imbilical cord. That controller box was difficult to keep sealed and it required disassembly to gain access to the programming connector.
The version shown in the photo is completely sealed. Programming is accomplished through the power connector using a USB adapter. The silicone stands up to grease, oil, gasoline, hot water, and continuous temperatures over 250C. That combination of features makes the electronic version as durable as the mechanical part that it replaces.


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